Loving the ramen (and more) at Kimura

Kimura ramen
Shoyu ramen with pork shoulder

When I reviewed the ramen palace Kimura in 2013, I immediately loved it. Since then, I have brought my wife and son several times and still think very highly of it.

When it opened, chef/owner Michael Sohocki touted it as a ramen shop. Now, it’s an izakaya, or a Japanese bar with good food. It still offers ramen, but the menu also includes smaller bites and several hearty dishes.

Frankly, I don’t care about the nomenclature; this place rocks! The gyoza, pieces, connected by a lattice of cornstarch and water, show a note of extra care.


A lively yakisoba that featured stir-fried soba noodles with shredded carrot, ginger, caramelized onion and cabbage will satisfy my next noodle craving.

The katsudon, a breaded pork cutlet, brought deep richness from caramelized onion and eggs, while a touch of ginger brightened the mixture. Served on top of steamed rice, it was a hearty dish that’s ideal for a cold day. Even in the middle of a San Antonio summer, it satisfied nonetheless.

Katsudon at Kimura

And this time, instead of my usual long-simmered pork bones of the tonkotosu ramen, I tried the chicken and soy sauce shoyu broth. The caramelized essence from the soy sauce accented the savory notes from the chicken bones and even added a touch of subtle sweetness. Actually, I should say that my son ordered the ramen. I only got a few tastes of it.

Of course, we’re coming back. Often.