Outstanding charcuterie at Restaurant Gwendolyn


Charcuterie at Restaurant Gwendolyn
A “cheesecuterie” board at Restaurant Gwendolyn combines housemade charcuterie, housemade cheeses, jams, pickled vegetables and local honey.

Restaurant Gwendolyn offers many reasons to love it, but the outstanding charcuterie often finds itself overlooked.

That needs to change.

Of course, there’s a lot to celebrate with creative and thoughtful dishes that come from the restrictions of no electrical equipment and nearly all ingredients sourced within 150 miles.

Still, humanity’s oldest forms of preserving food absolutely thrill..

I’d say the charcuterie speaks to what makes this place special.

Gwendolyn offers a mixture of housemade cheeses and charcuterie called “cheesecuterie.” Whatever you call it, the selection just sings.

The housemade jams, local honeys and even a slightly effervescent pickle keep this party going.

The board costs $45, and it’s best split among a few friends. But if it’s just you and one other guest, you may find yourself a little full for too many other courses. As if that’s a bad thing…