Zinc’s Crack Burger: One of the best

Zinc Burger, one of the best in San Antonio
The Zinc Burger easily ranks among the best in San Antonio.

If the Zinc Burger isn’t the best in town, it’s tops on a very short list.

The secret is umami. Lots and lots of umami.

All that umami, that savory essence, begins with the seared crust on the burger patty. Then that savoriness receives a lot of boosting from the other ingredients: smoked cheddar, tomato aioli and a Parmesean tuile. ¬†All of those toppings are rich in umami and totally addictive. There’s a reason why people call it the Crack Burger.

The result? Rich, beefy flavor that just doesn’t quit. It’s so good, it even made Texas Monthly’s list of the state’s 50 greatest burgers.

This suggestion may be over the top, but if the folks there could add some mushrooms to the ground beef mixture, and increase that umami even more. Not that it needs anything.

Order it with a glass of a rich, red wine or a good craft beer and just bask in all that goodness.