Can’t get enough of the wings at Alamo Pizza

The Original Breaded Crispy Wings at Alamo Pizza are excellent.
Original Breaded Crispy Wings at Alamo Pizza

Since 2011, I have been an evangelist for the glories of the Original Breaded Crispy Wings at Alamo Pizza. They’re super crisp, not too messy, wonderfully spicy and vinegary enough and absolutely packed with flavor. They depart just enough from tradition to make them interesting, but not so much that they’re weird.

They made the list of Best Wings in San Antonio’s Best Restaurants, and I have given them lots of love in all kinds of lists. What makes them special is that owner Fred Nuñez seasons with wings with Frank’s Red Hot sauce before he tosses them in a well-seasoned flour and later fries them. He even graciously shared his recipe — minus a few secret ingredients.

I’m happy to drive an extra 20 minutes from my house to score a batch of these wings, and I have several times.

Once I’m there, I have to get a pizza or two, as well. I will say that the pies at Alamo Pizza are good. Maybe they’re not as outstanding as the wings, but they are definitely good. And the chicken enchilada pizza — as funky as it may sound — is memorable in all the best ways.

If I’m feeling extra fancy, I like to pair the wings with a deep, bold Zinfandel or a crisp kolsch. As much as I love a good IPA, I feel that the extreme hoppy bitterness overpowers even the bold flavors of the wings. It’s a guilty pleasure, but a slightly sweet and effervescent Lambrusco works really well with pizza and wings, too.

Whatever you want to drink with them is fine so don’t sweat the pairing — just get to the South Side for some of these outstanding wings.

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