Burger Boy — good memories, great flavors

Burger Boy
No fancy toppings, just good, old-school excellence.

What makes an old-school burger special? Of course, the burgers have to taste good, but they also need to evoke a sense of nostalgia and happy childhood memories.

So as much as I love custom-blended patties and housemade toppings, I delight in the joys of a basic, old-school burger.

For me, that glorious burger comes from Burger Boy. It’s a simple burger that begins with a thin, well-seared patty of high quality ground beef.  Add shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, diced onions, a couple of pickle slices and mustard, and it adds up to greatness.

It’s an old-fashioned burger in all the best ways. I raved about it in the newspaper several times. I happily continue to tout it, even after the restaurant ownership changed.

My burger memories

Disclosure: I didn’t grow up with Burger Boy. My childhood treat, Burger Mart, sat a couple of miles away from my house on the outskirts of Houston. Here’s a page showing how it looked in 2009, shortly before the place was demolished.

We all have our own Burger Marts, the places we treasure for their flavors, memories and what they represent. So how much of my love for Burger Boy really comes from happy memories at my own childhood treat? Can you even separate it?

So when I introduced my son to his first Burger Boy, I felt like I passed an important family torch. He said it tasted almost as good as Whataburger.